Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles

Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles

There are many reasons to carry a stainless steel bottle of water around with you. Of curse the most important of these is to stay hydrated – and who wants to pay those multiple dollars to buy bottled water?

But the reason that you would want to do this is a bit more complex. The use of plastic is going to kill our planet. there are no is or buts. we are pouring disposable plastic into out oceans.

It is simply strangling marine life. And even if you do not live near the ocean think about where that plastic bottle of water goes?

It does not disappear. They end up on a dump somewhere. By and large they are nor recycled – there simply is no profit in it.

So they lie there. Some science indicates that they will lie their for thousands of years. Yest they will degrade. But they will not disappear. They will simply degrade into smaller ans small pieces.

We are already seeing this with microplastic beads that are part of our oceans. It is not simply good enough to be a consumer that wants to make the planet free of pollution. We have to watch what we do with plastic.

We cannot avoid its use everyday – it is almost all pervasive. But we can do our bit and buy a Edelstahl Trinkflasche.

This is why stainless steel drinking bottles are the best choice. They provide water and juice without the danger of pollution or taste degradation.

Stainless Steel

They are lightweight and fabulous looking and best of all they will not linger for thousands of years to destroy an environment which is already under threat.

If you need hydration then this is the way to go. Easy to purchase, great value for money and best of all you will be doing your bit to keep our planet pristine.