Tibet Tour Plans

As the Leading Tibet tour operator, ‘Tibet View’ promises to offer the best travel experience to worldwide visitors by means of a galaxy of carefully-engineered tour items. Our quality service begins as our thoughtful traveling consultants manage your e-mails to ask a personalized Tibet tour. And throughout the tour, they will together with our customer service supervisor in Lhasa supply back-up solution for you.

All our seasoned Tibetan overviewers are trained and congenial. They prepare to help you out whenever you have troubles touring in Tibet. On the other hand, making sure a positive and risk-free tour on the severe plateau is our key issues. To that end, we listen to your requirement and maintain boosting our tour solution and enhance the tour items.

Tibet Small Group Tour

‘Tibet Panorama’ is the first Tibetan firm that organizes little group tours in Tibet, with more than 10,000 travelers given that 2008. Treatment all of the most prominent destinations at the adaptable quotation from budget to luxury, every team is maintained in little size, average 8.2 people, guaranteeing the very easy communication and wonderful service between traveler and guide.

If you currently decide to travel Tibet have a look at this site. But if you are undecided on when to go – usually, the period between April and October is the best time to see Tibet. However, these mountain highlands showcase their charm and elegance everyday and on a monthly basis. Our Tibetan traveling expert very carefully accumulated the information regarding highlights, temperature, regional events and landscape views of every month along with our fixed-departure tour teams available to join.

Tibet Tour Plans

Tibet is a breathtaking holy nation perched in the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is an independent country with its own history, cultural heritage and identity. It is the home of the Holy Dalai Lama. It is bordered magnificently by high mountains, the Karakoram on West, Mountain range on south and Kunlun on North. It’s a paradise for vacationers and a trekker’s delight. The valley is also decorated by some rivers including the beauty of this area. The Tibet tour is a substantial tour of this Kingdom to explore the mesmerizing charm and rich background.